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Joan Newman is a published author and frequent legal industry speaker. Her articles have appeared in legal publications such as The American Lawyer and Legal Management, and she is a contributing author to The Lawyer’s Career Management Handbook: Your Bridge to a Satisfying Career. As a certified legal coach and trainer, she offers insights and best practices in the areas of legal business development, legal project management, legal professional and career development, as well as leadership development.

NAELA Featured Speaker

National Convention - May 18, 2015
NAELA Featured Speaker: "Making Sense of the Generation Mix"
The session focused on the four different generations: who they are and how they got to be this way; what each generation wants and needs to succeed in the workplace; and tips for working effectively with each generation, taking into account their background and perspectives.

  • Today’s Emphasis on Business Development
  • Tips for Selling in Your Comfort Zone
  • Building Client Relationships
  • Time Management/Organizational Skills
  • Managing Multiple Assignments and Projects
  • Supervision and Delegation Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Law Firms are Investing in the Finer Points of Etiquette for New Associates
  • Attending Business/Social Events – Lawyers and Other Professionals
  • Professional Appearance
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Associate Training and Development
  • Make a Good Impression
  • Improving Associate Retention
  • Benefits of Business Development Coaching

Professional Insights

Successful Attorneys Have Structured New Business Development Strategies

Successful lawyers have an unwavering commitment to their new business development process. Their strategies are structured, scheduled, and focused.

Legal Project Management is Critical to Client Satisfaction

Legal project management is being adopted by savvy lawyers in response to the “new normal” service delivery demanded by clients: more transparency, predictable legal costs, and more efficiency and value from lawyers.

Time Management is Critical for Legal Career Success

Good time management skills are essential to being a successful lawyer. Lawyers who are organized and manage their time well tend to think more clearly, work more productively, and make a better impression on colleagues and clients.