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Legal Project Management Coaching & Training for Lawyers

Legal project management is one of the industry’s highest priorities. Clients are demanding more predictable legal costs, alternative fee arrangements, greater transparency, and more accountability. Law firms are trying to manage legal matters more effectively and efficiently while at the same time increasing profits and improving client satisfaction. Joan Newman & Associates specializes in legal project management enabling law firms and individual lawyers to address client demands and achieve firm goals in handling client matters.

Joan brings proven processes and executable best practices that result in managing legal costs, engaging appropriate resources, planning for contingencies, improving team and client communications, and delivering only required legal services. Her programs provide a disciplined and systematic approach to clearly define project scope, identify resources and constraints, develop budgets and timelines, keep matters on the critical path, and implement legal project management software.

Coaching & Training Lawyers in the Art of Legal Project Management

Joan Newman & Associates offers a variety of legal project management coaching and training services. These include individualized coaching programs for law firm partners and associates, and law department counsel; group training sessions; public speaking on the latest trends in legal project management; and facilitating law firm practice group and client team sessions designed to teach and implement legal project management. Learn more about our services:

Professional Insights

Successful Attorneys Have Structured New Business Development Strategies

Successful lawyers have an unwavering commitment to their new business development process. Their strategies are structured, scheduled, and focused.

Legal Project Management is Critical to Client Satisfaction

Legal project management is being adopted by savvy lawyers in response to the “new normal” service delivery demanded by clients: more transparency, predictable legal costs, and more efficiency and value from lawyers.

Time Management is Critical for Legal Career Success

Good time management skills are essential to being a successful lawyer. Lawyers who are organized and manage their time well tend to think more clearly, work more productively, and make a better impression on colleagues and clients.