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Group Training for Legal Professional Skills

Joan Newman & Associates provides legal training services to law firms, in-house law departments, and military/government agencies. Joan’s group training and workshop sessions are experiential, customized to reflect the culture of the legal environment, and address the unique issues and challenges facing law firms, practice groups, client teams, and corporate and government counsel. With 30 years of experience practicing law and mentoring associates, combined with 20 years of teaching law, Joan brings her clients an exceptional level of insight and extraordinary depth and breadth of expertise.

Joan’s training sessions help attorneys bring more value to the organizations and clients they serve by helping them enhance their strategic skills, improve their performance and productivity, and take their professional development to the next level. As a certified legal coach and trainer, Joan leverages her legal industry experience, law firm management expertise, practical knowledge, and valuable insights to design legal training programs that yield results.

Group Training Programs That Build Strategic, Developmental, & Interpersonal Skills

Joan Newman & Associates’ legal training programs for groups of practicing attorneys focus on a variety of critical strategic, behavioral, and interpersonal skills. These include:

Professional Insights

Successful Attorneys Have Structured New Business Development Strategies

Successful lawyers have an unwavering commitment to their new business development process. Their strategies are structured, scheduled, and focused.

Legal Project Management is Critical to Client Satisfaction

Legal project management is being adopted by savvy lawyers in response to the “new normal” service delivery demanded by clients: more transparency, predictable legal costs, and more efficiency and value from lawyers.

Time Management is Critical for Legal Career Success

Good time management skills are essential to being a successful lawyer. Lawyers who are organized and manage their time well tend to think more clearly, work more productively, and make a better impression on colleagues and clients.