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Facilitation for Productive Retreats, Meetings, & Discussions

Joan Newman provides professional facilitation services to law firms and corporate and government law departments. She facilitates strategic planning sessions; executive, law firm, and law department retreats; and practice group, client team, and department meetings. Joan ensures meetings are productive and focused, participants are engaged, and action plans are developed to achieve future goals. To accomplish this, she provides pre-planning and meeting design, in-meeting leadership, and post-meeting evaluations and follow-up. Joan is an organized, insightful, and charismatic facilitator who knows how to foster group participation, improve communication, build consensus, and drive decisions.

Legal Industry Facilitation Services

Joan Newman specializes in legal facilitation services for law firms and in-house law departments. She has extensive experience working with law firm partners and executive level professionals in large private and publicly traded corporations. Joan is a professional facilitator for situations involving:

Professional Insights

Successful Attorneys Have Structured New Business Development Strategies

Successful lawyers have an unwavering commitment to their new business development process. Their strategies are structured, scheduled, and focused.

Legal Project Management is Critical to Client Satisfaction

Legal project management is being adopted by savvy lawyers in response to the “new normal” service delivery demanded by clients: more transparency, predictable legal costs, and more efficiency and value from lawyers.

Time Management is Critical for Legal Career Success

Good time management skills are essential to being a successful lawyer. Lawyers who are organized and manage their time well tend to think more clearly, work more productively, and make a better impression on colleagues and clients.